CyBear Interactive
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The CyBear Interactive team is a Watauga Group Company. We are the digital marketing agency for our traditional media buying and planning company, Watauga Group.




Our agency, located in Orlando, Florida, is comprised of 6 team members, and we are proud to be a Google Premier Partner. We are industry experts with decades of combined digital marketing success.

Always jumping at the chance to learn more for our clients and keep up to date on the latest digital advertising trends, the CyBear team are all certified Google Specialists.

In addition to our expertise in AdWords, the CyBear team has certifications in Google Analytics and DoubleClick Campaign Manager.

We have training and extensive knowledge in programmatic platforms, across social platforms, and with business integrator software to be able to offer our clients outstanding service and help them reach their goals.




Search advertising – often referred to as Pay Per Click (PPC) or Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – ad are run on an auction basis: the more you pay, the higher you rank. And like the name suggests, you only pay when a user actually clicks on your ad.

We have been creating and managing paid search since the late 1990s. We are equipped to envision, research, build and execute campaigns of any size and then analyze and optimize on an ongoing basis to increase performance and ROI.

We are the single source to manage all of your SEM Campaigns across Google AdWords and Microsoft AdCenter (Bing). We also manage PPC ads on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and others.



Social media advertising continues to have a growing importance for businesses looking to include digital advertising into their marketing mix. By utilizing social media platforms to advertise, brands can increase recognition, create authority, increase traffic and possibly help improve search engine rankings.

We have 10+ years of success creating and managing social media advertising on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and YouTube. With incredibly large reach, highly customized targeting capabilities, and reasonable costs, social media advertising offers brands a huge marketing opportunity.



The easiest way to think of programmatic media buying is to simply think “automated media buying that gets processed via machines”. Many people confuse it with buying ads through computer-run auctions (eg. real-time bidding), but that’s just one way to buy ads programmatically.

CyBear Interactive, we are able to manage campaigns across multiple exchanges using automated buying software. This allows for an efficient use of ad spend to highly targeted audiences. Programmatic buyings allows us to concentrate on strategy, not placements and tags, and even makes real-time buying possible.



CyBear Interactive can help ensure your website is optimized for Search Engine Optimization.

With industry leading tools, we can find technical, architectural and content issues with a site, and help improve natural rankings. We have 25 years of combined SEO success and we have done 100s of Site Audits.


In 2013, we helped the Waldorf Astoria Orlando move into the top three results in Google search rankings — after starting with a 30+ rank only two months before. We worked closely with the Hilton Hotel corporate office responsible for the optimization efforts. We developed a focus list of keywords, developed appropriate copy and implemented SEO tactics. We continue to fine tune work together.

Rayonier leases approximately 2 million acres of land for hunting and recreational use. Each year, prior to working with CyBear Interactive, 15-20% of this land remained without being leased. We were able to help Rayonier meet their primary goal of leasing the remaining land, but they also doubled traffic to their site from previous months and with the new media tactics, found new customers for Rayonier. We utilized online to continue to reach a very niche audience, but in a much more cost efficient way with keywords focusing on hunting & land for lease and ad networks with expandable banners to highlight impactful creative running across niche hunting/fishing/outdoor recreation sites.

Dollywood is a theme park owned by entertainer Dolly Parton and Herschend Family Entertainment. It is located in the Knoxville-Smoky Mountains metroplex in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. CyBear Interactive manages the paid search, social media, display, video and digital reporting to increase ticket sales and promote the park, reaching and bringing in new customers across targeted geos.


We provide our clients with:

Innovative, data driven strategy
Optimized delivery
Advanced analysis and optimization

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